Vibe Hinge Mix by DJ TREES

Ted Rees

Along with poetry, music is the art form that guides and frames much of my life, and this has been true ever since I can remember. For my month as futurefeed resident blogger, I thought I'd share some of what has been going on in my sonic world, beginning with a mix that I made of my current vibe, which feels like a hinge— that is, it feels like there is an opening and shutting that is occurring, but the metaphor of "the door" feels insufficient, because there is no threshold. Instead, the vibe is of the hinge clasping and then becoming wider, sometimes operating as a link and sometimes not. As a result, the mix takes a freeform approach, including a smattering of traditional Indian music, stoner dub, intense post-deconstructed club music, Polish jazz fusion, Egyptian aural landscapes, and everything in between. I made the mix on-the-fly— that is, I planned nothing, and just went with the flow of my instincts, so some beat matches aren't perfect, and some funny (and occasionally happy) mistakes happen, but such is the reality of making such a spontaneous sonic document. I hope you enjoy!

In future weeks, I'll be sharing a mix of more gentle ambient sounds, an essay on the work of musician Richard Skelton, as well as some other choice morsels. Thank you for listening!


Kanhaiya Lall & His Group- Sahnāi (Kedārā)
Idjut Boys feat. Rune Lindbaek- Laisn (Kalabrese Remix)
Bill Laswell- A Stream Comes Across the Sky
Lunch Money Life- Truth Serum
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz- Get Low (A Capella)
Smurphy- Ian
Carlos Giffoni- Techno
Secret Boyfriend- Forget to Breathe
Derivatives- FINDOM
Speaker Music- Ex-American Blues
Kuniyuki- Earth Beats (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Slikback x Tzusing- JAHAD
Brotzmann/Laswell- Wheeling Vultures
Patrick Shiroishi- Once There Was Only Dark
Ossian- Rozdział III
Moon Reflecting- Astral Blue
Isolee- I Owe You (Villalobos Remix)
1127- Renaissance
People Skills- Semi-Charmed Life (cover)

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