Variations on a definition

Allison Parrish


These poems were produced using a statistical model of English phonetics and spelling. The model makes it possible to break words down into a numerical representation of their constituent sounds, then automatically recombine them in various ways (blurring, interpolating, rearranging, corrupting).

Deterioration (Variation 1)

Phonetic features are removed, in reverse order of feature prominence, and then re-spelled by the model.

biological sex assigned at birth
biological sex assigned at beath
biological sex assiged et beath
biological sex asside at buth
biolagical sex asside at busch
biological six assiged it busch
biologital sits asside it busch
biosagital sits aside it busch
diagotian sits asside it duce
georagitan sits aside it duce
ierigition sits eiside it dus
georigitan sits assid it dus
ieritucel sits asceart it chus
eiretice 'tes einte itt thuh
hewetitur lots eunte utt thuh
heartetian 'ts eant 't thea
holattes 'ts a'ad 't que
haeasen das a's 's 's
ahanes 'ane arne 's ha
ahea ah ahe 'h h
ahar 'chaen ahr h h
en h h h h
h h h h h

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