Variations on a definition

Allison Parrish

Introduction to Variations on a definition

Partition (Variation 4)

Constituent phonemes of phrase partitioned into smaller and smaller groups. The model spells out each partition as though it was a word. Each stanza has three random partitions.

Biologicals ex-
icidingtert biologicals

Byologic alxexisine
ditbirth bioladja
exelsexice dintbirth
byalogi calxexa

Byal ogicals exacine
ditbirth biolodge
eccalse casay dindbith
bioladge ecolse exacined

Baia lodzik alcek sas
indi turth byal odge
ecolsec sas ined itbirth
bye allogic alsex ass
indi turth

Bye ala jick h alcek
saisine die turth biala
he gica slis exa sigh
dne itbirth bhe ayologe
ick alcei s assign di

Bhe aja loggi hque ah
lsexa h sah sigh he nidt
earth bhe aja lodgi h
colse eh s ah sign di he
t'erth baja lodgi hque
he hque alcey kh sas ein
dit he berth

He he baya he la jick ah
he ecolse h lsais h s he
he ah sh aye he nidt he
he h berth he bhe aja he
lodge he gi he ick he
ahl he cea hque sas he
he aye  dit he thme bhe
earth he baile he al he
lodzik he ika he ah h
l's h ex he sh ass ein
he ditbe he tz bur th

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