Variations on a definition

Allison Parrish

Introduction to Variations on a definition

Noise (Variation 3)

Random noise is added to the model's hidden phoneme representation. Intensity of the noise increases with each line. Each stanza has a different noise vector.

biological sex assigned at birth
biological sex oscign tte beatht
biological sex oscimed tte beatht
biolovical seng oscimer dte beatht

byoligical cects oisigded it birptch
byoligical ctc.ques odyigoded it barptch
byoligical ctc.ques odyigoded it bapritch
byoligital ctc.ques odyigoded ti bapritch

bjoguglignical teckes unsignd yhth bhetthy
bjogugnignal tecke's hnghgnbed yhhyhn bhepthy
bjoguggniclen twke's hnhghgmedn yhyhnk bhepthy
bjoguggnignal twke's hnhghgmbnd yhyhnke bhepthy

puaulauduclur 'eng aasminedne itisppy nenth
puaulaudupluble 'eng aasminedny itio nentha
puaulaudupulabur 'eng aasminedne itio nentha
puaulaudupulu 'e aasminmined itio nnnohn

boocogiotical pzenswess addidddt anyind mimpp
boodoogiciatical pzenswess addidddt anyind mimpp
bocoogionicatically pzensws addidddt anyind mmppp
bmocogiotical pzznwsph's addidddtddt anyimd mmppp

mimallujocincict fffessentz dxdn hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bggghthbyssy
mimallulicicnict fffesss dxdn hhhhhhhhh bggghthbyssy
mimallulocicsic fffesss dxdnd hhhhhh bggghtysgysy
mimaulljociconicts fffessst dxdnd hhhhh gggbthysgy

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