"the floor of that sizeless room"

Ted Rees

For my last post as guest blogger for futurefeed, please enjoy another ambient mix. This one has been through several incarnations, as my audio setup was plagued for some time by minute problems that were difficult to pinpoint— the old "which of these million cables is causing that crackle" issue. Over its various iterations, some elements have been added and discarded, but the core of the mix remains the same: bright tones, deep pulses, and minimal piano repetitions are major through-lines. Ambient is often construed as "cold," but this mix evidences the obvious— this music can be warming, cheery, even ecstatic.

Please enjoy the mix below, and thank you for spending time with me these past weeks!


Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima, Satsuki Shibano- Canzone per sonare no. 4
Ivy Meadows- Sagitari
Meg Bowles- The Sweetness of Mist
Carmen Villain- Molina
Moss-Covered Technology- Untitled Quiet Loop #3
Alio Die- Sine Tempore Part II
Windy & Carl- Ode to a Dog
Ryan Chavira- The Bulk of the Iceberg...

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