최 Lindsay | Lindsay Choi

최 Lindsay | Lindsay Choi is a poet and translator working between English, Korean, and Swedish. In addition to Transverse, they are the author of a chapbook, Matrices, (speCt! books, 2017). They are a Kundiman Fellow and a Ph.D. student in English Literature at UC Berkeley. Their work can be found in Omniverse, Amerarcana, Aster(ix) Journal, and elsewhere. They are a founding co-editor, with Noah Ross, of the chapbook press MO(O)ON/IO. Their work has been translated to French, and appears in NIOQUES, 22/23: Nouvelle Poésie Des Étas-Unis (New U.S. Poetry), edited by DoubleChange Collective, and translated by Abigail Lang.

Interview: Composition and Desynchronization in Transverse

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