Antena Aire

Antena Aire, founded in 2010 by Jen Hofer and John Pluecker, activates links between social justice work and artistic practice by exploring how critical views on language can help us to reimagine and rearticulate the worlds we inhabit. Antena Aire has exhibited, published, performed, organized, advocated, translated, curated, interpreted, and/or instigated with numerous groups and institutions, including the Academia de Artes Superiores (Bogotá), Armory Center for the Arts (Los Angeles), Avenue 50 Studio (Los Angeles), Blaffer Art Museum (Houston), Grand Central Art Center (Santa Ana), El Grafógrafo (Tijuana), the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), Krannert Art Museum (Champaign-Urbana), the Los Angeles Public Library, Project Row Houses (Houston) and Relaciones Inesperadas (Tijuana). Antena Aire publishes bilingual chapbooks and pamphlets through our Libros Antena Books imprint, and collaborates with Ugly Duckling Presse on the Señal Series of Latin American literature in translation, and works in conjunction with two local language justice collectives, Antena Houston and Antena Los Ángeles. Both collaborate with grassroots community groups, non-profit organizations and cultural/educational institutions building cross-language capacity and advocating to expand equitable cross-language communication in our multilingual cities. More info:

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